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Sketching at Work



SKETCHING AT WORK: 35 starke Visualisierungs-Tools für Manager, Berater, Verkäufer, Trainer und Moderatoren [paperback], 147 pages, Schaefer-Poeschel Verlag Stuttgart

ISBN 978-3791032122

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Sketching at Work



SKETCHING AT WORK: A Guide to Visual Problem Solving and Communication [wire-o-binding], 130 pages, =mcm institute, St.Gallen

ISBN 978-3033030015

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Poster Sketching at Work



The poster summarizes the 35 ready-to-use templates from the book SKETCHING AT WORK, size DIN-A1


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Cards for Collaboration 



Collaboration Cards is a portable, interactive, and highly useful toolbox for team leaders, facilitators, trainers, and project managers. 41 full-color cards in a handy tin box.


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Communication is our business

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MARTIN J. EPPLER, Prof. Dr. sés.

is a full professor of media and communications management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), where he is also the managing director of the =mcm institute, Institute for Media and Communications Management. He conducts research on knowledge management, knowledge visualization, and knowledge communication. He has been a guest professor at various universities in Asia and Europe.

He has been an advisor to organizations such as the United Nations, Philips, UBS, the Swiss Military, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Swiss Re, Daimler and others. Martin J. Eppler studied communications, business administration and social sciences at Boston University, the Paris Graduate School of Management, and the Universities of Geneva (PhD summa cum laude) and St.Gallen (master’s, Steinacher prize). He has published more than 80 academic papers (in journals such as Organization Studies, LRP, Harvard Business Manager, IEEE Transactions, The Information Society, European Management Journal, Information Visualization and others) and eight books, mostly on knowledge communication, management and visualization.

His research has been featured in magazines such as BusinessWeek or the Harvard Business Review.

Seminars for Visual Problem Solving and Collaboration

Reaping the benefits of sketching may sometimes seem difficult, as managers, consultants, trainers, or sales professionals are not familiar with the basic shapes and forms needed for ad-hoc drawing. To address this need, we have designed the seminar “Visual Problem Solving and Collaboration”. It should provide help and inspiration to speak, coordinate, and guide with the help of diagrams and visual metaphors.

About the seminars

The skills acquired in this seminar will help you when you need to:

  • Prepare a project meeting
  • Facilitate a team workshop
  • Plan an event with a team
  • Capture the attention of journalists during a press conference
  • Ease the tension during a negotiation
  • Clarify your main points in a board room discussion
  • Stand out from the crowd of presenters at a management conference.

Seminar Design

The duration of the seminar will be one day (7 hours of in-seminar work). The following topics will be covered:


Examining the benefits of sketching for business and management
Why should managers be interested in sketching for their daily work? One of the main reasons may be the high number of benefits that such analytical (as opposed to technical or artistic) hand drawings can provide for collaboration and decision making in management. We will discuss and demonstrate the benefits of sketching in general and then focus more specifically on sketching as a collaborative practice in management. You will learn from great examples of sketching in business - both live and with the help of video material.

Developing your own sketching skills
Sketching is simple, but not banal. To maximize the benefits of hand drawings in business, managers and other professionals should follow a few simple guidelines and avoid the common pitfalls of sketching. This module aims at improving the participants’ sketching abilities by simulating real-life settings and letting you try out different sketching methods yourself so you can judge if they also work for you.

Developing your own sketching templates
A sketch has, after all, to fit your personal style, drawing abilities, as well as corporate context and culture. We thus guide you in the process that you can follow to prototype and develop your own sketching templates for business.

Book a seminar

Get in touch with us to learn how to tailor a seminar program individually for you or for your organization. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


We would like to introduce two of our sketching methods in more detail; and show how you can easily use visualization techniques in highly sophisticated application contexts. Both techniques are especially important for innovation contexts, because they systematically support you in rethinking your goals or new tasks, and help you develop innovative combinations.


IMG Synergieskizze

Synergy Map

The first method we present is the Synergy Map, a technique which supports you in discovering synergies in your activities and getting possible conflicts under control.





IMG Synergieskizze

Paths to Success

As a second method we present the Paths to Success method in detail. This is a universal creativity technique which is suitable for you as an individual, but is equally apt for use in groups.